"Tattooing is an ancient craft used for healing in many cultures"

Becky Adelaide Barker started her apprenticeship in traditional tattooing in 2008 in Birmingham UK. She then went on to be published in various magazines and work throughout the UK before setting up her own award winning studio Lumina in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Specialising in Colour and symbolic tattooing, Becky added restorative tattooing to her skill set in early 2019.  For more about Medical Tattooing click here.

Tattoos have a long history of being used for healing, and all tattoos should be empowering.  Becky uses her knowledge of Symbols and Sigils to create custom pieces to help empower the wearer.

Ceremony is a big part of Becky life, and she has a mission to bring soul and ceremony back to tattooing to honour the ancient ways. 

Becky is an experienced and competent tattoo artist, who loves to create tattoos that bring joy into the wearers life.  She has a distinct illustration style,  which makes her tattoos stand out whilst standing the test of time.


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Sigil Tattoo Process

What is it and how does it work? 

The Sigils Becky creates are based on your personal affirmation.  The idea of an affirmation, is to declare to the universe that you already have something you need to bring it into your reality.  If you tell yourself you have something, eventually your sub conscious brain sees that as truth and your life is transformed.  A Sigil is an affirmation made into a symbol.  This encourages the sub conscious brain to decipher the symbol, and therefore log the affirmation bringing it into your reality. 

Sigils can be used for protection, strength, self love, manifestation and also in spell work or as wards. 

Charging a sigil is as simple as giving it your energy and focus.  You can make this process as magical as you like. 

Decide on your Affirmation

Using the words 'I have' or 'I am'... Remember, you have to declare that you already have the thing you need...

Create a Sigil

Becky likes to do this with her clients to establish their preferences, and also what symbolism will amplify the Affirmation.  For example, protection and bravery may include a shield and a sword....

Getting Tattooed

Depending on how comfortable you are, this tattoo can be done just as a normal day in a tattoo studio or in ceremony usually on the date of a New Moon, which is the perfect energy for setting intentions.   The tattoo and design are created with your intention as the focus. 


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